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Dental Offices

Gensburg Ltd works with a steady flow of dentists, dental equipment suppliers, and dental office contractors as their go-to dental office architects. We are familiar with the architectural design, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing needs of a dental office, and we have a long track record of satisfied dentist, supplier, and contractor clients. Gensburg Ltd is very well-known in the world of dental office architecture and with dental professionals.

Architectural Design for Dental Offices

Most of the dentists we work with are opening their very own practice for the first time, or moving out of an old space and into a new one. It’s important to us that they are pleased with not only the design of their office but the design process, too. We make sure to get their input at every stage of the project to ensure their final product is as close to what they imagined as possible. Gensburg Ltd also makes sure to take the user’s experience into account when designing, and we will make recommendations based on what is best for our clients and their patients - all while meeting the local and state code requirements. That’s what makes us one of the best dental office architecture firms around.

We specialize in:

  • Dental Offices

  • Oral Surgery Offices

  • Orthodontics Offices

  • Endodontics Offices

  • Pediatric Dental Offices


Consider us your in-house architect!

At Gensburg Ltd, we are dedicated to providing quick turnarounds and responsive service at a good value for all of our clients.