3 Ways to Make Sure Your Nail Salon Is Always Full of Customers


Nail Salon architecture is as varied as the nail design requests of your customers. The foundation of each salon is the same–manicure tables, pedicure chairs, reception area, restrooms, break room, storage–but every nail spa has the opportunity to create a distinct personality through its design.

To make sure your customers are raving about your nail salon to all their friends, it’s important to create a memorable experience. How do you do that? Allow us to give you a few ideas.

Add a beverage counter.
There has been an increase in nail salons offering complimentary beverages with their nail packages–and for good reason! Customers love being waited on while receiving a relaxing service. Offering champagne, wine, or even water gives the feel of a luxury spa experience.

Incorporate interesting design features.
If your salon is visually interesting, it’s sure to stand out among the many other options your customers have. One way to keep the picture of your nail salon clear in your customer’s mind is by incorporating LED lights to backlight your polish displays. For a grander effect, you can ask your architect to design a stepped ceiling with uplighting illuminating the perimeter of each level. Or maybe you’d rather have a series of uniquely shaped ceiling clouds throughout the space. Whatever you choose, these types of design features are sure to keep your customers wanting to come back to the coolest nail salon they’ve ever seen.

Have great customer service.
Last, but certainly not least, give your customers great service! This one is a no-brainer, but it never hurts to emphasize just how important customer service is. When someone comes into your nail salon, they want to feel pampered and relaxed. This may be the only time they get to themselves, and no amount of interesting design or champagne (okay, maybe a lot of champagne would work) is going to make up for poor customer service. Great service may go unnoticed, but bad service definitely won’t. Make sure your customers leave with only good things to report back to their friends. That’s how you keep your appointment books full.

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